Java The Code Parts

I’m a fan of the effective series of books (Effective Java, Effective C#, etc.) and was, therefore, looking forward to this book hoping to pick up a few gems I’d yet to discover. To be blunt, I was disappointed. The book is well written and concise, however having done significant Java development I found this book more of a nostalgic reminder of the advances Java had given us when it first appeared in the late nineteen nineties.

I think this book would be of use to somebody new to Java that has not already got to grips with the basics of the language. As it covers many of the topics, I found I had already learned with a combination of writing Java and reading during my early days with Java. However, for those more experienced I think Effective Java would be a better investment of your time as I feel any reasonably experienced Java developer will find little new information in this book.