Rooting Samsung Galaxy i9000 with official Froyo

Upgrading to Android 2.2 (Froyo) on the Samsung Galaxy can be a relatively painless task. Simply followAndroid-2.2-Froyo these steps to get the official update:

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your PC
  2. Launch Kies
  3. In the Kies, taskbar click on the phone icon at the far right to upgrade your phone’s firmware
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions

Now that you have upgraded to Froyo you’ll want to root your phone. There are a few options for rooting a Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.2. I choose to download a tool called ‘One Click Root’ which requires you to click a button to root your phone. However, I found after upgrading using the official update from Samsung this didn’t work for me resulting in the error “E:signature verification failed”

This error seems to be a problem for some people based on comments I’ve read however not to worry it is still possible to root your phone even if you’ve used the official upgrade from Samsung all you need is z4Root. When I rooted my phone I was able to download this from the Android Market Place; however, it appears to have been removed, but you can obtain a copy from Xda-developers.

Once you have downloaded z4Root start the app and click the ‘root’ button as shown in the screenshot and that’s it you’ve now rooted your phone.